Have you ever thought…?

  • I really long for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus.
  • I’m really struggling in some areas right now, and need to find another woman I can trust to walk side-by-side with me through this.
  • I’ve been through some really tough times in my life and I’d love to share what I have learned with others to hopefully encourage them in their life journey.
  • I have a heart for praying for others and would like to find a way to use this gift.
  • I’m in a new season of my life and would love to connect with others who are experiencing the same.
If so, you are invited to join the Lake Pointe Church Woman-to-Woman Mentoring Ministry.  We are a community of authentic, like-minded women who help and support each other as we seek to find our purpose spiritually and personally.  This Ministry is based on Titus 2:3-5.

Our goal is to provide significant, transformational, personal growth through unconditional love, support, and wisdom from God’s word. Women will be encouraged and developed through one-on-one or group relationships. Through a practice of daily quiet time and experiencing the freedom that comes from following God's direction, women will discover who they are in Christ, discern God’s purpose for their lives and be refreshed experiencing God in a new and deeper way.

The Ministry consists of three key roles:  Mentor, Mentee, and Prayer Warrior.  Mentors are someone with more life experiences and wisdom who can guide Mentees, someone with less experience or who may be experiencing a difficult season in her life.  The Prayer Warrior prays daily for God’s hand to guide, teach and bless the Mentor/Mentee relationship.  

Select a Campus for Mentoring

Rockwall  Town East  Firewheel  

Forney  Richland